Travel across different cities in Southeast Asia and their
magic through the eyes of talented local artists.

We welcome you to explore some of the most iconic and
cultural hidden gems in each eyewear.


Tan Zi Xi


Zi Xi is a crazy plant-mom and artist who draws inspirations from her 300 plants at home and her roots in the city’s Peranakan culture.

To Zi Xi, Singapore is colourful and culturally diverse, from the food to the people. 

Behind the Art

Inspired by how Singapore is a Garden City, a place where flora and fauna nestle themselves within a concrete jungle, Zi Xi’s art revolves around nature and urbanism.

In her eyewear designs, you’ll find illustrations of plants from her garden and the colourful tiles commonly found in traditional Peranakan architecture.

“The creative process is inherently messy, but the truest
works spring from moments of spontaneity.”

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Muchlis Fachri


Born and raised in Jakarta, Muchlis Fachri is known for the iconic eyeballs in his artwork. He has a penchant for using bright and vivid colours with bold, thick lines.

If he could use five words to describe Jakarta, it would be beautiful, chaotic, mad, fast, and bright.

In the other, Muklay presents us with the different colours of Jakarta’s sky, from light to dark, pink to orange, and day to night.

Behind the Art

The city’s buildings and ever-changing sky are two things that Muklay sees daily, and that naturally became a big part of his artwork.

In one of his two artworks for Lenskart, Muklay expresses his view of how Jakarta is a bustling city that never sleeps through the eyes on each building and through the lights coming out from each window at nighttime.

“My paintings tend to be packed. The density of buildings, the crowded city, and the traffic jams – these are my biggest inspirations. Messed up but still pretty!”

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Ho Chi Minh City

Tung Thanh Le


Famous for being a Visual Jockey in Vietnam, Crazy Monkey, also known as Tung, turns his imagination into playful, ironic, and surreal pieces of art.

As his moniker goes, he enjoys experimenting with various forms of art. His work ranges from illustrations to animations, to video installations and even kinetic automation.

Behind the Art

Taking inspiration from rice terraces, traditional thread embroidery, and the different sights of Ho Chi Minh City, Tung puts together two designs to introduce his culture to us.

According to Vietnamese folklore, the five neon clouds bring good luck. Tung hopes blessings will follow the owner of the eyewear wherever they go.

In the same way, the icon of the little boy chasing a cloud tells a story of a person chasing big dreams. He wishes them to keep going and to never give up.

“I constantly search for new possibilities where technology can support art. I love and care more about the process than the result.”

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Kuala Lumpur

Jaemy C


Jaemy is a multi-disciplinary visual artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He fuses oriental and traditional calligraphy brush strokes with pop culture and digital illustrations. The KL-born, insect-loving artist then applies his unconventional art style to modern-day alphabets like ABCs.

Behind the Art

In this collection, Jaemy tells us to look closely at the hidden world of insects – fellow dwellers in the bustling green city of Kuala Lumpur.

Both works of art are designed to showcase the bugs and their intriguing anatomy, the tropical greenery, and the iconic Petronas twin towers.

“When I was young, I would spend hours in my parent’s house garden,
searching for little creepy-crawlies that I could play with, or to hopefully
make them my friends. This is a tribute to that memory.”

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