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Clip On Eyeglasses

Clip-on glasses & sunglasses, a fusion of practicality and style, have arrived in Singapore to redefine your eyewear experience. These versatile glasses seamlessly adapt to your ever-changing needs, offering both clear vision and sun protection in a single pair of frames. At Lenskart Singapore, we bring you a curated collection of clip-on glasses that harmonize with your dynamic lifestyle, ensuring you're never caught off guard by changing light conditions. Discover the convenience and style of clip-on glasses, designed to be your ideal eyewear companion.

Benefits of magnetic clip-on glasses

Clip-on glasses, the epitome of dual functionality, offer numerous advantages that make them the best choice for eyewear. Here are the key benefits that set them apart:

Convenience: Clip-on glasses seamlessly transition from clear lenses to sunglasses, saving you from carrying multiple pairs and ensuring your eyes are protected in changing light conditions.

Cost-efficiency: By eliminating the need for separate prescription sunglasses, clip-on glasses offer a budget-friendly solution for those in need of vision correction.

Style: From classic to contemporary, you can effortlessly coordinate your eyewear with your fashion choices, enhancing your overall look.

UV protection: Clip-on sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, ensuring your vision remains clear and protected, especially in the sunny climate of Singapore.

Our clip-on glasses collection

We take pride in offering a diverse and stylish clip-on glasses collection designed to cater to your specific needs. Explore our range of clip-on glasses & sunglasses, where you'll find:

Frame styles

Round: For those who appreciate timeless, classic elegance.

Square: A choice that complements modern, structured looks.

Rectangle: Ideal for a refined and sophisticated appearance.

Wayfarer: Perfect for those who love an iconic, versatile style.

Lens tints

Black: Offering a sleek, bold appearance with reliable UV protection.

Brown: Adding warmth and sophistication to your eyewear.

Blue: Embracing a contemporary, trendy look while guarding your eyes.

Yellow: Infusing a touch of vibrancy and style into your vision.

Pink: Exuding a playful, fashionable statement with UV defense.

Green: Adding a touch of nature-inspired color to your eyewear.

Grey: For a versatile, neutral appearance that complements any style.

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