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Daily Contact Lenses

Lenskart Singapore brings you the ultimate solution for vision clarity – our comprehensive collection of daily contact lenses. Discover the convenience of daily disposables, offering a hygienic, hassle-free way to enjoy comfortable and sharp vision every day. With no need for storage or cleaning, these lenses are the ideal choice for the fast-paced lifestyle of Singapore. Whether youre an experienced lens wearer or new to this world, Lenskart is your go-to destination for quality daily contact lenses.

Daily vs. Monthly contact lenses

Choosing between daily and monthly contact lenses is a decision that revolves around your lifestyle and vision care preferences.

Daily lenses

Daily contact lenses offer unmatched convenience. They eliminate the need for cleaning and storage, making them perfect for busy individuals. Each day starts with a fresh pair, ensuring optimal hygiene and comfort. Daily disposables are a superb choice for occasional lens wearers, those with sensitive eyes, or anyone who values simplicity and ease in their daily routine.

Monthly lenses

Monthly contact lenses provide a cost-effective alternative. They require careful cleaning and storage at the end of each day, but their reusability makes them budget-friendly. Monthly lenses are ideal for regular lens wearers who appreciate a consistent, long-term solution, especially in Singapore, where reliable vision is crucial for every aspect of life.

The decision between daily and monthly lenses ultimately depends on your lifestyle, comfort, and vision correction needs. Consider your routine and preferences carefully, and with our wide selection of both options, youre sure to find the perfect fit for your eyes.

How can you care for daily contact lenses?

Caring for daily contact lenses is refreshingly straightforward, which makes them an excellent choice for fast-paced lifestyles. Heres a simple routine to keep your daily disposables in optimal condition:

  1. Clean hands: Begin with impeccably clean hands. Wash them thoroughly with a mild, non-moisturizing soap, and dry them using a lint-free towel.
  1. Lens inspection: Examine your daily lens for any irregularities or damage before applying them. If you notice anything unusual, avoid wearing the lens.
  1. Single-use: Daily contacts are designed for one-time use, so theres no need for cleaning or storing. Simply open a fresh pair each day.
  1. Proper insertion: Ensure the lens is correctly oriented. Place it on the tip of your index finger and look for the right side up, ensuring it forms a U shape.
  1. Gentle application: Gently place the lens on your eye, looking in the opposite direction. Blink a few times to position it correctly.
  1. Safe removal: At the end of the day, remove the lens carefully, avoiding rough handling. Dispose of them immediately in a contact lens case or a designated disposal bin.
  1. No overnight wear: Daily contacts are not designed for overnight wear. Always remove them before sleeping.

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