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Transparents Glasses

Transparent glasses, the epitome of timeless style, are here to elevate your everyday look. These frames effortlessly blend with your personality, making a subtle yet significant statement. In Singapores dynamic landscape, where versatility is key, transparent glasses offer a contemporary touch that suits all occasions. Discover the allure of crystal-clear frames, perfect for those who appreciate understated elegance and effortless sophistication.

Frame types for transparent glasses

At Lenskart Singapore, our collection of transparent glasses includes a diverse range of frame types to suit every style and face shape.

Round frames:

Timeless and universally flattering.

Perfect for a classic and sophisticated look.

Wayfarer frames:

Bold, modern, and iconic.

Ideal for those who embrace a fashion-forward attitude.

Square frames:

Sharp lines for a bold, contemporary appearance.

Ideal for making a statement with your eyewear.

Oval frames:

Curves for a graceful, approachable look.

Great for adding a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

Hexagonal frames:

Contemporary and on-trend.

Perfect for those who love a unique, fashion-conscious style.

Aviator frames:

Classic and timeless, known for their pilot-inspired design.

Ideal for a sophisticated yet rugged appearance.

Who can use transparent glasses?

Transparent glasses, the epitome of understated elegance, are a versatile choice for men, women, boys and girls with any style preferences. In the vibrant backdrop of Singapores fashion scene, these frames effortlessly blend with the personas of:

Professionals: Transparent glasses add a touch of contemporary sophistication, making them the perfect companion for corporate and formal settings.

Fashion enthusiasts: For those who love to express their unique style, these frames offer a versatile canvas to complement a wide range of outfits.

Students: From high school to university, transparent glasses can enhance a youthful and studious look, adding a hint of charm to daily routines.

Creative souls: Artistic and creative individuals can appreciate the subtlety of transparent glasses, allowing their ideas to shine through.


  1. Is it good to wear transparent glasses?

Wearing transparent glasses is a fantastic choice. They offer a versatile, timeless, and sophisticated style that suits various occasions and complements your individuality.

  1. Why do people wear transparent glasses?

People wear transparent glasses for their understated elegance. It complements various outfits while maintaining a classic look.

  1. How to style clear transparent glasses?

Style clear transparent glasses by pairing them with bold or neutral outfits. The versatile frames effortlessly elevate your look, whether youre going for a professional, casual, or statement style.

  1. Do clear frames turn yellow?

Clear frames might turn yellow over a long time due to exposure to UV rays and environmental factors. Regular care, UV protection, and proper storage can help maintain their transparency.

  1. How to care for transparent frames?

To care for transparent frames, clean them regularly with a mild soap and water solution. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight, as these factors can affect their clarity and color.

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